Friday, September 13, 2013

Is it Possible to get 40% gain from Ezra in 3 day following News?

NO WAY! It is Impossible to get such a return if you are following news or research report? I have tried that many times when i was a new trader and i know the lesson is very costly because the TIMING is always wrong. That is why now I dont look at all these unless information but only look at our ART system. While posting this Ezra is Trading at $1.26, up 40% from 3days ago when it is only $0.90 (This is not a buy/sell call)
Since beginning of this year, analyst have been calling to BUY or HOLD ezra.. however if you are buying or holding this stock, you will be suffering the worse period of your life and pray that it will rebound one day. Ezra dropped 1.35 to 0.83 

2 days ago, when Ezra Shoot up 20% from 0.90 to 1.095. Many people is asking, what is the NEWS that cause Ezra to move so much? Sadly, there is no news
Following ART System, we have a entry signal at 0.90, if you are using our system you wont be missing out this opportunity. This is just one of the many many opportunity in the market that we have seen. For those who missed out, dont feel bad about it, just don't miss the next one. Cheers!

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