Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Market Outlook report - Singapore and US market 7 Jan 2014

Congrats if you followed our previous post : 
Last week, we spotted a good place for SPY to take profit. Since then the market changed to profit taking mode accompanying with gradual sell down. In US market, we are still in a Bull market, unless S&P fall below 1760 then we start worry about the Bear. We will look for opportunity to buy on Dip for US stocks, especially those stocks with smooth, low volatility, uptrend. 
Meanwhile, we will stay Out and stay cool with our profit. Wait for SPY break and close above 10ma for the next long position. For existing position, be prepared to get stopout with your trailing stop, if it doesnt, continue to ride the trend.
 Last week we also SMS out to take profit for Singapore BlueChip and OCBC and reduce Long position. Quite lucky to sell OCBC before the big drop. STI is much weaker then the rest of the Market, probably because Property stocks mostly at 52weeks low. Blue Chip dividend is also not so attractive due to QE tapering story. Strategy wise, we will continue to Long stocks above 10MA and 20MA. If you want to receive our SMS on market status, pls drop us a message. thank you!

Furthermore, STI mark the 3 day no new High, this is sign of profit taking, since fund house already took profit, any further downside risk(bad news) will be a Sell down.

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Market Outlook Q1 2014

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