Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Market Updates - Should you be in NOW?

US stocks tumbled in the final minutes of trading Tuesday, dashing hopes for relief from the week long rout. 

All ten industries of the S&P 500 closed lower, led by Utilities (-3.16%) and Telecommunication Services (-2.25%). 
See below chart, China Shanghai Stock Exchange as of yesterday was down 40% since end of JUN which alerted by
Sell arrow using our ART Trading System.  BlueCandle  Change to RED candle is Exit Signal

Singapore market 

As mentioned yesterday’s Email rebound as just a technical rebound and also a means for investors to Exit their long position 

Hence, if the STI fails to retake 2900, we could see the index slipping back towards 2860 or even 2800.

And if 2800 breaks, it could lead to a return to around 2698 (early Jun 2012 low).

See below STI chart, it has been drop by 20%. Our ART Trading system alerted Sell signal at 3480 and 3300 before it drop to lowest 2805.  

BlueCandle  Change to RED candle is Exit Signal, we will not be in unless we see Blue Candle  

Keppel Corp:

First Sell Signal at 10.80 on last year September before it drops to lowest 6.4 recently

 BlueCandle  Change to RED candle is Exit Signal, we will not be in unless we see Blue Candle

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MARKET ALL DOWN, it you should be on to CFD to short Stocks