Thursday, May 19, 2016

Can Jumbo Fly like ThaiBev - 4 point analysis

Did you follow our previous call on ThaiBev when it is 0.76? Congrats if you have done that. This article is to share why we pick the stock before it have a strong move 

3 UpTrending Below $1.00 Singapore Stock for 2016

1) Thaibev is already an uptrending stock
2) Almost every year the price make NEW HIGH
3) Thaibev have reported strong earnings Quarter on Quarter, revenue was up 21% compare to the same quarter last year
4) Institutional support. CDP owns 38% of Thaibev as a substantial share holder. The uptrend is not likely to crash like some other small cap stock.

What about JUMBO? will the price JUMP like Thaibev?
1. Uptrending Stock
Jumbo stock show higher High, higher low. That is an uptrend right?

2. Break New High
- look at the chart below

3. Good revenue reports - Source from Motley fool website

4 Strong Institutional backing - Temasek, Fullerton fund, Heliconia, Ron Sim. I believe they have some foresight. ;)

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