Monday, February 6, 2017

Singapore stock had a Big Win in January

January was an awesome month for Singapore stock market, STI up more than 150 points as property and oil stock takes off. We also see some of the mid and small cap stock having a good run.
Well, if you follow our previous post, they performed pretty well too, Sunpower up 46%, Japfa & Jumbo up 13%, and MM2 Asia up 9%.
Sunpower has been running since October last year, in Dec it had a rest and only until Jan, the price start moving in a faster pace.

Japfa was quiet too in Nov and Dec, if you have follow this blog long enough, you will see that when we first mentioned it was just 69 cents, and we continue to be bullish because it is still uptrend, the tough part of picking this stock was to stay bullish with it despite everyone is calling it Too high.

Again, Jumbo our 2016 favorite stock, first mentioned was when it is around 0.48, till now we are still bullish about it(as long it doesnt drop below 0.70)
MM2 asia, biggest winner over the past 2 year, since the first post in this website, the stock has already up more than 200%

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