Monday, May 29, 2017

Market Updates - 29 May 2017

Last Friday US market close flat, although Nasdaq and S&P 500 did not have a big rise but they close at record high again. Last week overall US market up strongly, S&P up 7 days consecutively, weekly up by 1.4%, Nasdaq weekly up by 2.1% and Dow Jones weekly up by 1.3%

What the market is telling us? 
US market is still strong, Nasdaq is still strong, Technology and Electronic stock are the strong sector.

HongKong market is strong as well, currently is above 25600 points, since January 2017 it has been up for almost 19%, Dow Jones and S&P is up less than 7%, Nasdaq is up about 14%. Hang Seng index is strongly supported by Banks, Insurance, Technology, Gaming and Property sector.
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So what about Singapore Market? STI is up about 12% since the beginning of this year, market is definitely bullish. Strong sector are Banks, Electronics, FOOD & Gaming, the weak sectors are Oil&Gas, Telco and some other defensive stock.