Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Market Update - Did you see the July Market Correction happening?

The non farm payroll result was better than expected, 222000 vs  179000 expected, market was pushed up by this news as it firms up the "one more" rate hike in 2017.
上周五美国6月非农就业数据远好于预期, 非农就业人数增加了22.2万,超过了分析师预期的17.9万。 提振了市场情绪,强化了美联储今年还将加息一次的市场认识。

For us, we are watching the Tech sector as they are the main market driver, for the whole week Facebook dropped 2.34%, Alphabet dropped 4.59% Amazon dropped 2.49% and Apple dropped 1.46%. Tech stocks has been the force that drives the market over the past few years, if market were to move higher, I think Tech stocks has to move up too. Another Strong Sector in the US market is Banking & Finance sector, although Tech stock turns weak, the Market did not drop a lot. This is due to Banking sectors holding up. Looking at the chart of Facebook, Alphabet, amazon, Apple, we see that they are turning around from the Support level. The bull is recovering...


Last week Hang Seng Close below 25500 support level making a 1 month low, looks like we are in a correction. Gaming and Technology sector turn weak. Over the past 2 days, we see them turning around, Galaxy Ent 0027.HK & Tencent 0700.HK still uptrend stock, turning up now.
上周恒生收低于25500支撑位,创1个月低位,看起来正在调整。赌场和科技股板块从高位跌落。过去两天,我们看到他们开始转上,Galaxy Ent 0027.HK和腾讯0700.HK还处于上升趋势,可以关注。

China Stock market is strong last week, making it's recovery back above 3200, now is 3190 hovering around this area. It could be due to the China A Shares MSCI inclusion's news that boost investors to look into chinese stock market. Banking Sectors is strong too in china.

Singapore market also in correction period, STI is sideway trend since May, support at 3200 and resistance at 3280. Few month ago electronics sectors are the strongest among all other sector and we see that the electronic stock is rising higher in Singapore but now they are weak after global market electronic stock had a correction. Now the stock and sector that support the market is Bank, Property and Reits. Reits is strong right now due to 2 reason, firstly Market is not moving, investors prefer to put in high dividend reits than to put in the bank as interest rate is low. Secondly, Fed already increase the interest rate for 2  time in 6 month, means there is only likely to have 1 more interest rate hike in the second half of 2017, fear of interest rate hike is lesser now. Right now for Singapore, high dividend stocks and bank stock are the strong sector.

Malaysia Market also in correction period, our favorite stock like Penta, VS, Prestar, Dufu, JHM, Gkent and many more are weak now. If these strong stocks are still not moving higher. 
马来西亚股市也收到市场的气氛影响,股市也不太会动。我们喜欢的那些强势股Penta, VS, Prestar, Dufu, JHM, Gkent, 也进入了调整区。现在最后就是等待市场反转,把钱放在最好的板块里。

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