Wednesday, November 15, 2017

3 Trending Up Stocks in Singapore (3只上升趋势新加坡股)

Hi Guys, do your portfolio has below 3 Trending Up Stocks in Singapore? Are you still holding on stocks that are not moving or worst that is trending down ?  What I know is that market still bullish now, if you are worry too much about the crash, then you may put your money in your bank.

3 years ago i have friends fear for market crash, and he pulls out from the stock market and put his cash in the bank, well nothing wrong with this but i would said he has missed out a lot of opportunities or more specifically opportunities cost which he may benefit from the bullish market but he gave up due to fear and chose to put his money in the bank.

You got to have your own planing and risk management to act when market really turn down, no one can control the market but you can control your own trades !

Look at your own portfolio, if you are still holding on lousy stocks, my advise to you it's time make some changes and make sure you hold some trending up stocks.

Daily Chart : Valuetronics

Daily Chart : YZJ Shipbuilding SGD

Daily Chart : Genting SG

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