Saturday, March 2, 2019

Why I stay in Phillip Securities for 9 years and Beyond... (Career Opportunities)

Read this if you are considering joining as a Remisier - Stock Broker, Financial Adviser, Portfolio Manager, some people say that it is a bad choice to build your career in Phillip Securities... I disagree.

First award in 2011
I joined this company in 2010 as a stock broker (Remisier) and during that time many of my friends say that this is a sunset industry, the brokerage commission is going down as everyone is going to do online trading. Fast forward today after many years of figuring-out-myself, I became the Top award winning stock broker, franchise owner and also built an awarding winning team in Phillip Securities.

Appearance on Channel 8
Initially I joined as a Single license Trading Representative (another name for Stock broker), what I do everyday is to look out for opportunity for my clients, that is what I love to do, since I have to look out for investment opportunity for myself, why not get paid to do it.

Investment is a lifelong journey, even if you are not working in this industry you will still want to learn about investment. My passion on investment leads me to start a career in the financial industry, in just a few years it built me a passive income that I do not have to worry for retirement.

Dual License, in Phillip we can become multi-licensed representative doing multiple product like, Stocks, Bonds, Unit trust, Insurance, Managed Account, CFD, Futures, Forex, Regular Saving Plan, Money Market Funds... and more. This is what I call "Multiple Source of Income." This important because it provide Financial security if you know that you are not depending on a single source of income.
Franchise ads on NewsPaper

Franchise Branch Phillip Satellite Office, in 2015 we started a Branch in Jurong East, the first and only team in Phillip to run a branch in Singapore, today our teamwork has earn us multiple award

Thank you for reading this post, I hope this article has helped you in some way. If you are interested to find out more about career in Phillip Securities, you can register for a no Obligation 1 on 1 meeting with us.
Yes, we are doing recruitment as our business is expanding.

Awards winning team

In this meeting we will share with you

  • Why I quit my job to build this business and what are the requirements to join.
  • How to get started even if you have No experience
  • Step by step strategy to grow your income in the next 3 year
  • Potential advancement of this career and what knowledge will learn along the way
P.S. This is not for everyone... if you are looking for growth, this is for you.

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