Thursday, April 25, 2019

How to Buy China A Shares 世界名酒·五粮液 Wuliangye Yibin 000858

One of the China A Shares listed in Shenzhen Stock exchange has gained around 106% YTD.. and current trading price near RMB110.


Some common questions from readers:

1) How to buy foreign shares ?
You need to open trading account with brokerage firm, it depends on individual ; some people prefer lower charges and some prefer personal support cause they may not familiar with foreign markets, if you are looking for a team that can support your trading journey, you may click this link to find out more.

2) Why should I buy foreign shares?
Biggest markets, it means give you more choices to pick quality stocks and more growth opportunity  

3) What about currencies risk ?
This is the fact but it may not always equal to losing money, for example if you have bought US shares 5-6 years ago, you should enjoy both price appreciation and currency gain.

4) Can Malaysian open trading account in Singapore ?
Yes, you can to trade foreign markets like US, Hong Kong H-shares, China A-shares & etc.. you may click this link to find out more.

4) What are the charges ?
There are 2 types of accounts:
1) Normal trading account (Cash only see below screenshot for charges)
2) CFD (contract for difference with up to 10 times leverage)




这是事实,但它可能并不总是等于赔钱,例如,如果你在5  -  6年前购买美国股票,你应该享受价格升值和货币收益。


1)现金交易账户 , 见下方截图的收费

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