Monday, June 17, 2019

Will Alibaba Hong Kong Listing affect it's US stock?

Logically it should have positive impact for the US listed stock price
Jack Ma is one of the richest Chinese guy (very smart stock investor), in November 2007 Alibaba IPO In Hong Kong, the Share price tripled from hk$13.50 to as high as Hk$39.95 and close at $39.50
In September 2014 US Alibaba IPO, the IPO priced at $68 and opening price is $92.70
So I think they are really smart. This listing going to be an exciting one
Are you excited about 2019 Alibaba IPO?
For the US stock, it is better follow the trend with an indicator to determine when the trend start moving up, example price cross above 50 days moving average. The stock is bullish on the mid term if price goes above 50 days moving average. Looking at the chart below, still need some time for the price to turn around.