Friday, March 20, 2020

Opening Stock Trading Account in Singapore 2020 (in 10minutes)

It's 2020, Stock Market Crashed, and you want to start investment! You probably have read many Step by step guide to for account opening online already but don't skip this page... we are one of the award winning Stock brokering team in Singapore and here is our guide.

1. OPEN CDP ACCOUNT ONLINE  (3 minute to complete)
If you already have CDP, skip this step and proceed to step 2.
a) Only for Singaporean & PR
b) Use Myinfo to login with Singpass to open CDP Account
c) Info require: Bank Details, signature on paper and then take picture to upload in later time
d) Within 15 minute, client will get the CDP Account number send through email
e) If ready, click the link now: (once click, page down to click Proceed button)

***Most Singaporean and PR would like to open a CDP account and keep their Singapore shares in CDP (Some people call it SGX). It is because there is no custody fee, maintenance fee when you keep shares in CDP.
So if you are not active trader, wants to keep Singapore shares for long term, it is better for you to have a CDP account.
Another advantage is if you want to receive company annual reports or attend agm meeting, keeping shares in cdp will be much easier.
2. OPEN POEMS TRADING ACCOUNT ONLINE (about 6 minute to complete)
a) Client must have CDP account number before proceed.
b) Client must Download “POEMS mobile 2.0” app, click “Open Live Account”
c) To download, click  Apple Store or Google Play

d) Info require need to prepared first
1) CDP Account Number
2) Bank Details will be require later to be key in
3) Signature on paper to be uploaded later.

e) Use Myinfo to login Singpass to open POEMS account, request client to key in any missing info if any
f)  Opt-in Money Marker Fund (MMF)
g)  Please remember to key in “AJF” my remisier code for prefer trading representative at the end of step

h)  Account number will be created and you can set your password right away.

 Commonly asked question:

Why do i need a broker/remisier when I can place my trade online?

You do not pay extra fee if you open under a remisier, even you apply your account online under our code, you can still place trade online to enjoy the lower commission. Having a remisier will be helpful especially when you need help like account get locked due to wrong password, you can whatsapp to use and get it unlock quickly.
We also keep you updated with trade ideas for long term investment, dividend investing, short term trading opportunities and many other financial education videos!

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I know you probably have more questions to ask regarding how to get started buying or selling shares in Singapore or how to open the accounts. The best is to drop us a message and let us get back to you.

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