Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Genting Sp Q2 Result will affect the Stock price

Genting Singapore PLC has announced that they will release its second quarter financial results ended 30 June 2012 on Friday, 10 August 2012, after trading hours. I still remember the last time we post about Genting Sp was on the day they release their Q1 result that time, we say if it is lower than $1.66 it will trigger the sell signal. I am really glad that I posted the chart that day and some friends did follow the chart and sold off in time. If not, you probably get stuck again!

Check the post here:

Right now Genting SP is at $1.275. This time round will this Genting SP Q2 result create a turning point for the stock price? I guess many people is "predicting" the direction, but then currently the price is still down trending for Mid term and for short term the price is turning downward again. Our chart show a short signal, which means that if price break below previous day low. It might be a good time to short this stock again. For short term, stoploss can place at $1.30, for mid term, stoploss can place at $1.35