Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kep Corp, Supergroup

Kep Corp close $11.26 today. Currently the stock is still up trending, and there is a sign of turning up again after the pullback this 2 week. If you think market can go up further. You may want to look at this stock if tomorrow it breaks above $11.29, Support is somewhere at 11.08. Do place your stoploss if the price really fail to stay above the support.
Supergroup close $2.04 today. This stocks has been going on sideway since June with the support at 2.04 and resistance at 2.23. Right now there are two group of trader who will trade this stock, first group is people who think that it will continue to trade sideway hence they will "buy at support, Sell at resistance".

Second Group of trader will think that this time if it breaks below the support, the stock will have quite some space to fall. They will Short this counter when price break few bid below the support. Stoploss will be place if stocks goes above $2.04.