Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Singapore Stock Chart: Ezion, Midas, STXOSV, IndoAgri, Tiger Airways

Ezion Holding closed 0.945 today, this stock has been going for sideway for quite awhile. Right now it just turn up from the recent pivot point. After so much rest, it is probably time to move higher again, for entry we are looking for it to break above previous day high ( $0.96), Stoploss can be place below the bottom of the box (0.90) timeframe mid term trade (2weeks – 2 month)

Midas closed 0.365 today, congrats to some of you have bought it at the first signal which triggered at 0.31. now you are probably sitting with 20% profit. Now the second signal is out, for those who missed the first blue arrow, this might be a second better entry for you. A good entry will be 1 bid above previous day high. As this is a penny stock please watch your position sizing to avoid taking too much risk. Stoploss at 0.34

STXOSV(Above chart) closed $1.575 today, looking at the chart. This stock has been going on sideway for quite a while too, probably a lot people has also forget about this stock by now. The chart also tell us that STXOSV has broken the down trend line. Now might be  a good time to look at this as the price is near the downtrend line and it has become the resistance turned support level. Good entry will be 1.59, mid term stockloss at $1.48.

IndoAgri (below): Looking good here too as the past few day the price did not make a new low thus it has formed a nice pivot for us to draw our trendline (price are supported). If this is the “turning point” then the projected profit target we looking at is probably 1.60-1.65(channel line). Quite a good risk/reward reward ratio. Stoploss can place at 1.345. Short term/mid term.

Last but not least is Tiger Airways Chart: closed at 0.70 today, looking at the chart this stock has gone into a long term downtrend after they IPO for few month. Technically it stop dropping further since November. Will this stock come back alive? For long term investor you might want to consider to look at this stocks. Today our trading system signal us of the continuation of trend(mid term up trending) with a blue arrow. One might consider to invest in this stock for mid to long term. Stoploss can place 0.66. Below is some commentary of Tiger Airways for your reference.

Despite the seasonally weak quarter, Tiger managed to narrow losses sequentially. Tiger Singapore turned in its first operating profit after three quarters in the red. We believe losses should narrow in Australia on higher fleet utilisation and yields. 1QFY13 core net loss (S$14.5m, -12% qoq) was in line with our S$14.7m estimate. Losses should continue to narrow with higher fleet utilisation, stronger load factors and higher yields. CIMB-GK GOH SECURITIES RESEARCH HOUSE - 31/07/2012