Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weak Stock to watch out - Part 2

Previously we see some stocks turning weak: http://www.andy-yew.com/2013/02/weak-stock-to-watchout-for-mid-term.html 
As we all have been expecting the correction to come, today the long awaited drop finally come, STI drop 34.5 point to 3254.26.  Is this a short term pull back or a beginning of a big correction? (Analysis is base on MID term trend 2week-3month)

Lets see some of the stocks currently already change trend the above list is updated base on today's price. Below are illustration on some stock recently change trend.
Wilmar, uptrend since Dec 2012, between late Jan till mid feb the stock already stop going higher. 4 days ago our system decide that it is safer to stay out of this stock.
Sembmar , Exited since Early feb as the trend weaken. This could be weakest among the weak stock as it is dropping pretty fast after the gap down.
 Yanlord, Strong rally since October 2012. That time it was just $1.20, if follow the system you should have exited at $1.58. We realise that alot of stock actually side way for quite sometime before our system call for exit. As market is now at overbought position, this sideway trend could be big boy's distributing stock into market.
CapmallsAsia, So far the chart has been helpful for us, always calling at the right time. This time the exit price is at $2.07