Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weak Stock to Watchout for Mid Term Trend

Just did a routine scan with our Position Trade system for stocks that is current weak for the Mid Term trend, quite a few stock came out to out list. After filtering those low volume stocks that we might not be interested, these are the list that I feel might be more meaningful. 

A few conclusion from the list
  • Mid cap property stock is weak, Cooling measure taking effect?
  • Commodities Sector also weak, Geo Energy, IndoAgr, Goldenagr, Mewah, Noble
  • Most of Index stock is still not in the list. Market still holding strong.
  • Shipping counter overall is weak, NOL is strongest as he is not in this list.

Current we don't have to panic, just hold on to the strong stocks will be the best move right now. Remember  our rules is always 1) Cut losses 2) Let profit Run

You should focus on taking care of Losses, because profit will "take care" of themselves