Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is time for Spring Cleaning!!

STI down 24.71 on Tuesday to 3272.66, if you have realise the STI chart, every 3 day there will be a new high formed. If you have attended our class, we mention that we only start worrying when STI breaks the pattern – 3Day no new high + 4th day break prior day low. Today is the 3rd day market not making new high. ( unless later in the afternoon it change), get ready to sell your weak stocks or do some hedging.

Yesterday we see quite a lot of retails panic selling in the market, especially when STI was down 34points. You will not be panic if you are doing a mid term or long term trade, we can ignore the short term volatility. What we will do now is to keep at least 50% of our portfolio in cash or having a combination of Long 40% and Short position 10%. Long the good stocks and Short the weak stock

We have shortlisted a few WEAK stock for your reference, in case market turn down these could be your shorting candidate for CFD
CityDev; STXOSV;Yangzijiang; SMRT; First RES

CapmallsAsia went up as high as 2.26 after posting for 3days.
Rowsley up 18% after posting for 3days, Still strong .
JB food – Have not moved up yet, currently price is having a lower high every day, can watch this stock if price break above previous day high( watch on Wednesday), Stoploss 0.445