Thursday, January 31, 2013

CapmallsAsia, Jb Food, Rowsley

Recently market has been very bullish again after the minor pull back, Property stocks has regain strength. In our chart we see that the trend is still intact after the cooling measure been introduced. Above chart is CapmallsAsia, seems like now it is turning up again and from the chart we see the past few signal has been good to us. Will this time CapmallsAsia turn up from here? Stoploss can place at $2.09.

Below 2 chart is Penny stock analysis: Please trade with care, risk could be downside of 10-20%.

Due to popular demand, our client recently start asking us what penny stock can see? Though I am not a fan of penny stock I still wish my client to have a good trade. JB food currently trading at $0.52 almost doubled its price  from a month ago. We see that the previous candle there is some profit taking, but however today it bounce back strongly(Seems like there is no much distribution yet). For Short term player will we see a continuation if price break above $0.535, Target 0.60. Stoploss 0.48. Of cuz, breaking 0.535 is not an easy task, if can break this stock has showed u his strength! Short term 5-10days
Rowsley has been on sideway consolidation.right now are we in a distribution phase or accumulation? Both is possible. For short term can consider buy at support $0.28(Stoploss 0.265), sell at resistance $0.32( Buy back if break 0.32). If BIG volume still dont come in next 10 candle, this stock is in real danger. Short term 5-10days