Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Strong Uptrending Stock in Market Right Now

For your information only. Most of these stock has already run up. We will continue to monitor these stocks when they retrace or when there is "another buy signal".

Many times we do not want to buy stocks because these stocks has run up too much. But the more we dont buy the higher the stock move. Ironically, most people just too afraid of height, but then again, what people always wish for are having stocks to move like these stock(below). One of the few way to counter these fear of height is to trade really really small with calculated amount to risk and prepare to hold for mid term between 1-3month if the trend remain good.

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Ezion Holding
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 CWT, recently break the All time high.
QAF Limited : Previous mentioned that this is a good dividend stock.
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Starhub limited: We saw this stock move from $2.35 to now $4.36, This stock is really Amazing!
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