Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Singapore Market Outlook - Correction indeed!

We get it Right again, last friday we sms out to our clients that we need to reduce our Long position and its time to go Short to hedge our position. One Monday, I posted that some stocks has turned weak, market has turn weak. Time to be caution as market maybe going into a correction soon. Today STI indeed dropped 44points, this was almost immediately after we list out all the weak stocks for you to sell or short. Check out the previous Post on the correction:

This list above are stocks that turned weak Today. As market plunge, the stronger stocks might turn weak as well. A few of our favorites are here as well e,g: Kreuz, Comfordelgro, HongFok, Cordlife, OUE, Singpost, ST engg, Yanlord. Our system call for sell for these stock, provided it drop 1 bid below previous day low.