Monday, November 10, 2014

Hong Kong Shanghai Stock Connect start Nov 17, Which stock will Benefit?

Hi friends, previously we have given info on how to trade Hong kong stocks with Singapore brokers,

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect information you need to know!

Which stock will benefit?
Since the announcement of the news of HongKong Shanghai stock connect, Hong kong exchange has been rising since March 2014, due to correction period between September to end of October, and also due to both exchange cannot confirm the launching date of the stock connect, the prices halt rising. Our system show Green is uptrending, orange is sideway or downtrending, today the news is out and price rise above the resistance level $180, now trading at $183.70 up more than 4%, what we see here is, this could be just the beginning of a mid term trend, there is a good chance that price will break previous high 185 and move further if everything goes smoothly. However we do manage our risk with a stoploss at $165, incase there is any "unexpected event" that will change the trend.

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