Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Osim Vs OTO Which is better?

 Recently many people ask about Osim, whether this stock still can buy at a discount, from what our Trend trading system show, Osim currently still on a downtrend, we dont know where it will stop dropping until it stop, and our system will show green Candle when trend turn Bullish.

Also came across a fundamental review on Osim Vs Oto, for your reading pleasure.
On the other side of Asia market, we see this stock making its new 52 week High, OTO holdings 6880.HK, Our smart money index show that big player money are still in the stock and the Supertrend system show that OTO is on a strong uptrend currently with a strong support is at $1.44

Do note that both of this stocks are volatile, hence need to trade with stoploss.

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