Monday, April 13, 2015

Chase the Laggards? HSBC 18 lagging stocks in HKSE

港股爆升,有甚麼股份仍可以追落後? 滙豐推薦18隻落後股,過去一周股價升幅均少於15%。

推介股份分別是: 巨騰(3336),股價潛在升幅估計有45%;港華燃氣(1083)料升42%;六福(590)料升41%;莎莎(178)料升39%;萬達商業(3699)料升31%;中國動向(3818)料升23%;第一太平(142)料升22%;富力地產(2777)料升20%;華能新能源(958)料升19%;思捷(330)、中國太平(966)料升17%和東方海外(316)料升17%;ASM太平洋(522)料升16%;北京汽車(1958)、SOHO中國(410)和越秀交通(1052)料升13%;重農行(3618)和德永佳(321)料升10%。



Hong Kong stocks rose explosively last week, what shares can still chase behind? HSBC recommend 18 laggards, the share price increase over the past week were less than 15%.

Available Shares are: Ju Teng (3336), the share price increase is estimated to rise 45% of potential; TownGas China (1083) estimated to rise 42 percent; Luk Fook (590) estimated to rise 41 percent; SASA(178) estimated to rise39 percent; Wanda Business (3699) estimated to rise 31 percent; China Dongxiang (3818) estimated to rise23 percent; fIRST PACIFIC (142) estimated to rise 22%; R & F Properties (2777) estimated to rise 20% expected; Huaneng new Energy (958) estimated to rise 19 %; Esprit (330), China Taiping (966) estimated to rise 17% and Sino Golf (316) estimated to rise 17%; ASM Pacific (522)  estimated to rise 16%; BAIC (1958), SOHO China (410) and Yuexiu Transport (1052) estimated to rise 13%; weight ABC (3618) and Texwinca (321) estimated to rise 10 percent.

HSBC report said that Hong Kong SMEs remain valuable stocks, the stock significantly behind the A-share peers.