Tuesday, April 7, 2015

HKSE - Uptrending Stock Huadian Power 1071.HK

HKSE - Huadian Power 1071.HK is one of the uptrending stock in Hong kong exchange, using our ART system, the candlestick turn green when there is a bullish trend and turn orange when the trend change. Today we see that the chart turn from orange to green. Base on past occurrence, this mean a beginning of a new trend is possibly here. Stoploss can place at $6 if price turn around suddenly.

Huadian Power 1071.hk -  PE is at 9.47x, Dividend Yield 4.27, Market Cap 11.574B

Another similar company you can look at is Huaneng Power (902.HK), with PE at 9.89 Dividend Yield 5.19 and Market cap 36billion.

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