Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MM2 Asia Ltd - How far can it goes, it is too high to enter ?

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Below list show you stocks that were scanned out from stock screener and one of the stock called MM2 which you may not hear it before appear on the list. 

As of now MM2 is still up trending, the 1st entry arrow was appeared on March this year, since then the price keep moving up. We will only exit this stock when the arrow and candle turn to red color.

Headquartered in Singapore, mm2 Asia is a producer of movies and TV/online content. As a producer, mm2 Asia provides services that cover the entire filmmaking process including securing financing, producing and distributing as well as securing advertising and sponsorship. In addition to Singapore, mm2 Asia also has a presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the PRC through the Group companies and/or strategic working partnerships. Over the years, mm2 Asia has produced or co-produced and/or distributed more than 20 movies. Some of its notable productions include ‘Ah Boys to Men’, the highest grossing local production in Singapore in 2012; ‘Ah Boys to Men II’; and the ‘Lion Men’ series. In Malaysia, mm2 Asia distributed ‘The Journey’ in 2014, which became the highest grossing Malaysian movie of all time. mm2 Asia also co-produced its first Taiwan-made movie ‘做你爱做的事’ in 2013 and co-produced two PRC-made movies, ‘Spinning into Darkness’ and ‘为你转身’ for release in the PRC. ‘That Girl in Pinafore’, another movie produced and distributed by mm2 Asia, premiered at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.

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