Monday, September 28, 2015

Singapore, US Market ,Fed, Currency Updates

新加坡股市上周闭市收2832点,这也是3年来的最低收市价,自从今年4月的高点,海峡指数已经跌了20%, 技术上我们已经进入熊市了

Last week STI close 2832 on friday, this is also the lowest closing price in 3 year, from April 2015 till now, STI already fall more than 20%, technically speaking we are in a Bear market right now.

Last Thursday Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen announced that right hike will be later this Year, once again confirm that there will definitely a rate increase. 

This week, most investors will pay attention to the Non Farm payroll announcement on Friday, this is the most closely watched indicator in the employment situation of the US economy.  A surge in new Non-farm Payrolls suggests INCREASE employment and potential inflation pressures, which the Fed often counters with interest rate INCREASE. On the other hand, a consistent decline in Non-farm Employment suggests a slowing economy, which makes a delay of rising interest rates more likely.

【美股也悲催:本季度或交四年最差“成绩单”】全球股市三季度的表现可能都不大好。标普500指数本周下挫1.4%,并使得三季度整体跌幅进一步扩大至6.4%,或将创下四年来最大单季跌幅。纳斯达克生物科技指数已步入熊市。 纳斯达克生物指数进入熊市区域,从7月高位下跌了22%。
As September is coming to an end, this quarter seems to be one of the worse quarter as US market shows the biggest quarterly fall in 4 years. Biotech Sector in Nasdaq went into bear market. Biotech sector tumble 22% since the High in July,


上周中国市场再次出现下滑的现象,一周内跌破了3条中要的短期均线, 10,20,30, 这也加强了之后创新低的可能性。这个星期中国只有三个交易日,交易量很可能进一步减少, 10月1日到10月7日是国庆节, 所以投资者可能会在星期2 或3套现, 暂时离场去度假。

Last week China market show weakness again, the SSE index close below 10,20,30 moving average, this shows that there is a potential of more weakness ahead. This week, there is less trading day in China market as Thursday is the start of the National day holiday, till 7 October. Investors may take the opportunity to cash out before the long holiday.

Xi meet Obama

【中美就网络安全达成共识 万亿蓝海启航】中美双方同意,建立两国打击网络犯罪及相关事项高级别联合对话机制。市场人士认为,此前有海外机构预计,网络安全是2015年最大的投资主题之一,网络安全行业将是企业技术开支增加的最大受益者。

One of the discussion point between the china leaders and US leaders is about the internet safety. Data protection will be one of the beneficiary this year, investors may start looking into this sector


Emerging market Currency falling to new low, last week, malaysia ringgit fall to 15 years low, making the 20years biggest weekly fall. Indonesia, Africa, Brasil emerging market currency also fallen to new low.