Tuesday, September 15, 2015

KLSE- VS A Strong Uptrend Stock That Bring You 154.2% capital grows.

V.S. Industry Berhad and its subsidiaries manufacture, assemble, and sell plastic molded parts and electronics parts and components such as speakers and remote controls. The Company also markets, distributes, and sells plastic household products. V.S. also operates a palm oil plantation.

Under Art Position Trade system, the share price moving up from approximate RM0.5 to RM 1.3. Currently having 154% of profit by entering at the starting of the year. Art Position Trade enters when the the color change from red to blue at the meanwhile the today opening price is above the yesterday closing price. Therefore is no further amendment in the position trade which mean even when the trend turned into red we still holding as position enter or exit is not satisfied.

Smart Money index indicates Banker fund flow in to the stock where the blue candle stick exist, it refers to the market confident to the stock, hence the share price move sideways from April to June. Share was climbing rapidly when the banker fund flow in from July to August, although the the blue candle stick is getting smaller in the late of August but managed to rise on September which push share price further up to current point.

The share support level is at RM1.3, as a trend follower we do not set selling price because it will limit the potential profit we might have.