Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Malaysia Uptrending Stock - EVERGRN

You should heard about this stock by now, Evergrn has been trending up over the past one year. We have posted it as Bullish stock on facebook. 
First time was in June, we saw the stock move higher with a continuation pattern. During the time, it was just $1.32.

Second time it was posted on facebook again in September, with many other Strong uptrend stocks. The stock below mostly have fly up 10-30% over the past 1 month.  Hevea, LCTH, HapSeng, LuxChem, FLBHD, 
 Lastly, lets look at Evergrn again, this stock has a breakout recently. Looking good on ART supertrend system as the system showing a Green candle -bullish trend.

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