Monday, September 4, 2017

Stock Market update 4th September 2017

US Market close positive last friday with nasdaq break historical high for 46th All time high this year. This tells us that the Technology sector is STILL the strong sector. On weekly chart, Nasdaq is up 2.7% last week, making its biggest weekly gain for the year.


Although the non farm payroll was a disappointment last Friday, the market did not react negatively towards the report as the overall economic is recovering and inflation is still under control. At this senario, the market is still possible to move higher for now.


In Beginning of August Dow Jones continuously dropped for the first 2 weeks, but the last 2 week finally move up making a turn around.

Last week i mentioned on radio 958FM that the 21500 is an important support level, it is a good sign if Dow Jones can stay above this level. It means the bull is still strong. Again, i remain my view to be bullish as long as Dow Jones still above 21500. If break this 21500 or 21000 then we can start worrying about bear market.
8月初道琼斯指数在前两周持续下跌,但最近2周最终回升, 形成了一个转弯的现象。

上周我在958FM上提到,21500是一个重要的支持水平,如果道琼斯指数能够保持在这个水平以上,这是一个好兆头。 这意味着公牛依然强大。 再次,只要道琼斯指数仍然超过21500,我仍然保持看涨,如果跌破这个21500或21000,那么我们可以开始担心熊市。
HongKong - 香港

Last week Hang Seng up 105 to 27953, did not have much impact from Typhoon, today we still see Hang Seng breaking into new high to 28127, this shows that Hong Kong Stock market is stronger than US and Singapore Market now, Strong sectors are again the technology, Insurance and Property stocks.
China - 中国
Shanghai index finally break above 3300 to 3366,  this year the market tried 2 time to break 3300 but after 3300 it fall back below. this time as it break the 3300, this show that a another bull run has just started.
上海指数终于突破3300点至3366点,今年市场尝试2次,打破3300点,但3300点后,回落到下方。 这一次终于打破了3300,这表明另一个牛市刚刚开始。
Singapore 新加坡

STI also have sign of turning up, last week STI up 17 points this is also the only week STI have a positive closing in August due to the turn around in banking stock. Last week on 958FM we mentioned that Bank stocks is at support level (DBS @ 20.30, UOB@ 23.35 OCBC@10.90,  If bank stocks continue to move higher we will see a new high for STI. If bank move lower, STI follow.
STI也有转向的迹象, 上周STI涨17点,这也是八月唯一一周STI的上涨。上周在958FM的访谈中,我们也提到银行股在支撑位。银行股要起,STI才有机会创新高。

leading sectors are still property and electronic stocks. I have mentioned this 2 sector since beginning of the year, the sector still strong and we are still holding some position.
领先的行业仍然是房地产和电子股。 从今年年初以来我已经提到了这2个行业,行业依然强劲,我们还有hold一些股。
Investors always ask me is there any other sector can watch, for now, i would say the Gaming stock is something you can also take a look, last week Galaxy Entertainment reported half year result, net profit up 81%.  Stock price also make new high. Again, right now investor's concern is also on whether
投资者总是问我有没有其他板块可以看,现在我会说赌场股票是你也可以看看,上周澳门银河娱乐 报告业绩,中期净利按年上涨81%Galaxy Entertainment股价再创新高。

Market  is it too high now bear market will come soon? my strategy is... if STI  drop below 3200, then we start to worry. Don't just look at Singapore stock, there is a alot more BEAUTIFUL stock out there for you to buy now. 
市场是不是太高了,熊市很快就会来临? 我的策略是,如果STI跌至3200以下,那么我们开始担心。不要只看新加坡股票,外面还有一大堆美丽的股票.

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