Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Netflix shot up almost 15% within 2 days

When world markets are uncertain, this US stock Netflix (NFLX) shot up almost 15% within 2 days with bullish candlestick with blue buy arrow.

Previous all time high was USD423 and since then price begins to drop as low as USD231 and that was around 45% down as compare to previous all time high.

Will the price momentum continues? Of cause price may be pull back any time due to profit taking, however as long as the price does not drop below previous low, the momentum may be continue....

Some common questions from readers:

1) How to buy foreign shares ?
You need to open trading account with brokerage firm, it depend on individual ; some people prefer lower charges and some prefer personally support cause not so familiar with foreign markets, if you are looking for one that can support your trading journey, you may click this link to find out more.

2) Why should I buy foreign shares?
Biggest markets, it means give you more choices to pick quality stocks and more growth opportunity 

3) What about currencies risk ?
This is the fact but it may not always equal to losing money, for example if you have bought US shares 5-6 years ago, you should enjoy both price appreciation and currency gain.

4) Can Malaysian open trading account in Singapore ?
Yes, you can to trade foreign markets like US, Hong Kong H-shares, China A-shares & etc.. you may click this link to find out more.

4) What are the charges ?
There are 2 types of accounts:
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