Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Is Facebook scandal affect it stock price ?

Facebook (FB) is facing series of scandals and definitely it has affected FB stock price, previous all time high was around USD219. As of Dec 2018, stock price was trading at it lowest point USD122 only and that represent -43% down from it peak.

Recently it has caught our attention coz our screener manage to screen out FB with blue arrow (see below chart), this may be sign of turning around for this stock to enter at discounted price.

The fact is, FB has been making good money every quarter consistently (see below financial statement). We believe price drop was due to investor fear of FB scandal and once the issue has been resolve by FB, the price may recover soon.

Some common questions from readers:

1) How to buy foreign shares ?

You need to open trading account with brokerage firm, it depend on individual ; some people prefer lower charges and some prefer personally support cause not so familiar with foreign markets, if you are looking for one that can support your trading journey, you may click this link to find out more.

2) Why should I buy foreign shares?
Biggest markets, it means give you more choices to pick quality stocks and more growth opportunity

3) US stock too expensive, I cannot afford le...
US Minimum shares you can buy is only 1 shares, for example FB current price is USD144 x 1 shares, the gross amount is only USD144. 

3) What about currencies risk ?
This is the fact but it may not always equal to losing money, for example if you have bought US shares 5-6 years ago, you should enjoy both price appreciation and currency gain.

4) Can Malaysian open trading account in Singapore ?
Yes, you can to trade foreign markets like US, Hong Kong H-shares, China A-shares & etc.. you may click this link to find out more.

5) What are the charges ?
There are 2 types of accounts:
1) Normal trading account (Cash only see below screenshot for charges)
2) CFD (contract for difference with up to 10 times leverage)

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