Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How do you trade Vard?

Using SuperTrend system, Vard show a Short Signal yesterday, the signal show that the trend has change for the mid term. Previously if you have follow the signal, the trade will be as follow

Short Signal at $1.06
Long Signal at $0.56
Short Signal at $0.50
Long Signal at $0.53
Short Signal at $0.54

If you are using the system on BUY only, the 2 trade will be one small losses and one small gain. Long $0.56 Cover at $0.53, and Long 0.53 Cover $0.54
* Long is not so profitable
* Short is more profitable that Long
*Vard is profitable if you catch the right trend
*Vard is still profitable if you catch the right and the wrong trend. Win Big, Lose Small

If you can Long and Short Vard, the result will be very different from Long Only, you will end up with Positive 25.85% gain(Before deduct commission)

Below is a backtesting base on going long on the stock, and double sell it when Supertrend give a Short signal. E.g i holding 10000 share on Vard, upon seeing the Short signal, i Sell 20000, hence covering the existing position and my position become net 10000 short.

This week Seminar Topics:

China Stock Still Good? How Do we Choose?
Will Singapore market follow China and Hong Kong markets?
What should be the strategies for current markets ?
What sector to look at and which sector to avoid ?
Market outlook and individual Singapore stocks analysis using Technical Analysis

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