Monday, June 15, 2015

IndoFood - Weak trend signal

So how we trade Indofood?
Indofood Agri is one of the most trending stock we have seen, the trend were mostly profitable for both uptrend and downtrend in the past 2 years if you are trading it with ART system.

Orange Candle represent mid term bearish trend, Green candle represent mid term bullish trend. The system show that now is Orange, the change in color also represent change in trend.

Not all signal is Tradeable, we need to check whether the system works for the stock. When evaluating whether to trade a signal, we usually ask 2 question.

1) Previous signal work or not? What is the probability of success? (no. winning trade/total no. trade)
2) What is the magnitude of successful trading signal?  - If win, how much/ long the trend will be?