Thursday, June 18, 2015

How BYD trade is done - Warren buffett backed Hong kong stock

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When we posted BYD in February the price was only $30, today we see the price at $51, it is time to do a review on the trade.

Why we enter this trade?
Everytime Green candle appear, the Probability of winning is very high
Payout is good, if catch the trend at the right time, the price will move pretty much. You need to backtest to find out probability and expected payout.

How we trade?
Having a system give us an entry and exit(Candle turn Orange to Green means trend change to bullish, Greed to Orange means bearish), however we focus on mid term trade due to lesser attention needed on the stock. Only need to watch once at the end of the day, not whole day watching the stock. Patience is needed as a good trend can lasted for few month.

So now what?
Now the candle is Orange, mid term trend is not bullish. We will stay out and wait for the next Bullish Signal