Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Fall of Ezra Holding- You can avoid that big loss

Just over 2 years ago, we see this stock is trading at above $0.50(after adjustment), Ezra was one of the favourite stock among the retail investor. I think many still holding this counter because they probably think it is "too late to sell" or " Hopefully, one day it will bounce back"

** Learning point 
1)It is never too late to sell a losing position, 
2) Dont Hope
3) Stock can drop more than 90%, it is always unexpected.

We say that in stock trading, risk management is the most important, knowing how you can prevent yourself having a big loss in a single stock is the first things you need to learn before you fall in love in any single stock. 

What I do here is using our Trend following system, ART Supertrend system for EZRA, when Green Candlestick turn Orange, we will get out our LONG/BUY position. This has proven many times that we can avoid a big loss.

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The histogram below show that Smart money already left this counter. That is why there is no support.