Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ocean Sky, Charisma Energy, OEL the falling stocks

Many people have been asking What is happening to their stocks, how come keep dropping. Should they buy more at a lower price? 
As a trend trader, we all know we have to Exit when the trend ends, if you are buying a stocks from someone else's call, make sure you know when to exit and you follow your plan to exit.

Losers average Losers, never attempt to average a losing stocks in trading. If your direction is already wrong, you should cut losses and wait for another re-entry signal.
 Ocean Sky plunged another 36% today, currently trading at 0.128, highlight of the day as many investor did not expect the drop to be so big. If you are following the trend, you would have got out at 0.345.
 Charisma Energy, the trend is also out but price hasnt been falling much yet.
OEL was one of the trending stocks everyone is talking about. However with recent weakness, the price has dropped to 0.079 today. You could have got out at 0.113, if you have planned your exit.

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