Thursday, February 20, 2014

KLSE stock - Karyon, MFCB

Yesterday we posted a chart and the stock went up 6% today, seems like Bursa stocks is quite trending and quit easy to spot with our system. Today I went through the scan results, spotted 2 more counter that we can trade with calculated Risk.

Karyon closed 0.37 today, this stock is currently consolidating in sideway trend. However now it is also near the support at  0.355, one who trade this stock can place stoploss at 0.35. Mid-long term trade.

MFCB closed 2.32 today, uptrending stock, recently have a sharp pull back from its 52week high. but did not break our Supertrend system support in the late Jan drop. Currently it is on a rebounding mode. Stoploss can place at 2.12