Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Important Fast Fact of STI - updates

Do checkout how we ride the trend from 3000 till now

  1. For the Past 14 days STI have been staying above the 5days Moving average, Uped more than 100 points. This 5 days moving average is actually can tell the Short term trend.
  2. For the Past 14 days STI make New high every 3 day
  3. On 25 Feb we STILL see a new high, There is still buying going on in the market. Today 26 is second day no new high, we need to see 3 day no new high to confirm the reversal.
  4. Property Sector still weak, Capitaland, Capmallsasia is hitting the low for past 5 trading days. Banking stocks will get profit taking first (turn down today). Commodities sector is the strongest with wilmar and GoldenAgri Hitting the High for past 5 trading days
  5. Watch out if today close below 3100, do watch if STI break 3080, if we dont break new high in next 3 day, we are on profit taking. STI likely to go Sideway or down.