Monday, February 24, 2014

ShareInv Article - Is Jaya Holdings Going To Breakout Soon?

Shares of Jaya Holdings are currently trading around $0.78 after experiencing a pull-back from its 52-week high. As a technical analyst, we like to trade stocks that make it to 52-week highs; this does not mean that we always buy at the highest price. Our strategy is to keep an eye on the stock when its high share price falls back to the support level. This will present buying opportunities so that the risks that we are taking are manageable with our pre-defined stop-loss level.

Chart On Jaya Holdings
Technically speaking, Jaya is currently in a consolidation phase, awaiting for a breakout move. It is supported by the 50-day simple moving average; this line represents the mid-term trend. A good entry for a technical trader will be when the price closes above the 20-day moving average which indicates short-term bullishness. A good strategy always come with a Plan B; if the stock does not continue the uptrend, the first sign of bearishness will be when the price falls below $0.74.

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