Sunday, September 5, 2010

STI outlook

STI up 4days out of 5days last week, bouncing off the trendline(black) and the 50ma(yellow line), seems like the dark cloud is clearing away. Many other stocks have also shown a reversal from the support level. Holding strong, STI and many other stock may continue to rise in coming weeks, so I will be posting more mid-long term trade.

Some stock I have selected that can buy/ buy back if u have sold: Wilmar, Osim, IndoAgri, Golden Agri, Cosco Corp, YangZiJiang, Armstrong, Goodpack, Kep Corp, SPH,Starhub, Supergroup.... and many more..
(Wait for retracement/ short term pull-back to buy if the stock already in the overbought zone, these stocks are good uptrending stock which I believe will make higher and higher high "if" the final quarter is going to be good.)

The bottom line, however is to pick a uptrending stock (meaning price keep rising and rising...) and not trying to catch a bottom of a stock.