Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Raffles Medical - Price continue to surge after share split 1 into 3 & dividend 0.045

Some friend is asking why Raffles Medical had decided for their stock split. 

The reason for a stock split is usually done by companies (Raffles Medical) that have seen their share price increase to levels that are either too high or are beyond the price levels of similar companies in their sector. The primary motive is to make shares seem more affordable to small investors even though the underlying value of the company has not changed.

However, based on Technical Analysis (TA), the price was gap up and broke 1.53 initial resistance and today it closed at 1.63 and broke another resistance 1.62. If price open higher tomorrow, we believe that the price has potential to continue it upsides as long as the support level of 1.62 stay firmly.

RafflesMedicalGroup is a leading integrated private healthcare provider in the region, operating medical facilities in thirteen cities in Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. The Group is the first Asian member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

RafflesMedical clinics form one of the largest networks of private family medicine centres in Singapore.

RafflesHospital, the flagship of Raffles Medical Group, is a private tertiary hospital located in the heart of Singapore offering a wide range of specialist medical and diagnostic services for both inpatients and outpatients. Representing more than 30 disciplines, our team of specialists constitutes a group practice combining sub-specialty expertise and teamwork to ensure optimal, affordable and high quality care for our patients. The Group also has representative offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Bangladesh and the Russian Far East, as well as associates throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

RafflesDental is a team-based dental group in Singapore comprising of a specialist dental practice at Raffles Hospital and a network of general dental clinics.

RafflesHealthinsurance provides healthcare insurance to corporate and individual clients.

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