Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Small Cap oil Stock in Trouble - Beware!!!

The exciting penny stock no longer "Fun" to play after Swiber holding winding up news spread. Many people who is trying to pick the Bottom of these stock got their hand burnt badly catching the falling stocks. As i warned many times to avoid these stocks, many people still insist of holding on to all these companies, hoping that one day there will be a miracle that turn things around.

RISK is growing, stock like Swissco holdings, Vallianz, Pacific Radiance,Vard holdings and Falcon Energy is getting riskier to long, even CFD provider is increasing the Margin requirement to 70%, this means that the real value of the stock is diminishing. While Ezra, Ezion margin requirement increase from 30% to 50%.

Below are the bond Yield that give me the warning sign, if the stock yield is 14-30%pa, dont it sound an alarm to you? If you want to buy bond can contact my team at
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Bond price as at 21 June 2016

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