Monday, August 22, 2011

Bearish Stock

STI continue to dive lower in the past week, with most notable, Friday gap down and closed 91.33 points or 3.23% lower to 2733.63. The volume lower but remain high level due to investors pull out from market without any further hesitation to protect their position. STI ended the week with 116.96 points or 4.1% lower.
Most major indicators suggested that more downside to come. The past week low volume during gaining and turn high volume during sell down also confirm the market heading south. Moving average also suggested no matter short, mid, or long term, STI is bearish.
The list beside is a list of Bearish stock for mid term trading, can consider to short if it break below prior day(friday) low. If you are not familiar on shorting using CFD, can consider to go slow first, enter Short position with 20-30% of your capital first to try out. Remember your stoploss!