Thursday, April 19, 2012

Did you follow my previous post

I think it has been long time since we last do a review on my posting. Let see what is happening on this blog...
Lets start from Feb: as you know Feb is the start of consolidation in STI the first post i posted on Biosensor, the timing was quite good. We exited this share at the perfect timing as few days later it hit 1.70 and that is the highest it go, latter it drop till 1.375 within one month. Congrats!

Next, follow by my posting on CIMB BK, a malaysia counter. If you have followed our buying method(enter when price break above previous day high) you would have entered at 7.17. Now the price is 7.76 and still holding because this is a mid term strategy. Congrats!

Next, Shorting call on HL Asia in the morning, that time the price was 2.08, lowest it when 1.845. Current price 1.88.

Late Feb: Ezra and Yangzijiang trade, both this two trade we got very bad timing as both got stoploss within the next few days.

Early April: CapmallsAsia, the trend head against us even though we are at the support. Well, lucky the stoploss is near entered at 1.655 and exited at 1.615

Followed by Nuskin chart: I posted the chart right at the turning point at $55.53, after 10days now is $58.03, still looking good!

Yanlord broke its trendline and also hit our $1.19 stoploss. However I am still looking at this stocks.

Last to review is the NOL, posted at 3pm and right after my post it fall from $1.35 to the low of $1.25. This is the level we should cover, I feel this stocks might have rebound soon. 1.265 will be the support.