Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why Mid term Trade is better for you

Are you still trying to find a method to make money in the stock market? One of the most important factor is the Timeframe, successful trader always know what timeframe they are trading,  and unsuccessful trader usually just want to try their way out. The mid term we define here is between 2weeks to 12week or even longer if the trend continue. Here is why mid term trade is good for you.

  1. You dont get terrified and stressed out whole day watching on your stocks, emotionally it will be easier to handle
  2. You can save more time looking for a "better" trade, once you are in the position, you intend to keep it for a while until it hit your exit criteria. Take your profit slow, cut your losses fast!
  3. It is possible to have a Much bigger win if you run on daily chart than minutes chart.
  4. It is easier to plan for a trade before the price move, if you are not fast enough to estimate you stoploss and calculate your position size. Mid term trade is less Risky for you!
  5. You can save a lot of commission by trading a longer timeframe.

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