Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are you still monitoring Boustead and KingSoft

When STI is at 2988, we are already preparing you to look out for the bottom of STI, some guru may say that the market is going lower base on their prediction, but we trade base on our strategy not our opinion. I am glad that in our Free seminar, we teach many retail investors how to spot the STI top and STI bottom, so that they can have a better edge in the market. In stock market, you have to know what to do at the right time, if you know that STI is low and you got no strategy to trade it you will miss the Big trend.

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On the 10 Feb, I posted on blog 3 stocks. Boustead, Mermaid and KingSoft We found these stocks at support with our System scanner. These stocks has higher probability due to its previous trend has been strong, when market is bullish. Strong stocks go higher.

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Boustead, since market recover, already up more than 5%, potential stocks to break all time high. Slow and steady

Kingsoft, a Hong Kong stocks we monitoring, as of today this stock already up more than 15% since the last correction.

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