Monday, September 8, 2014

Rights Issue and Subscription FAQ for new Investor

Most commonly ask question about Rights Issue and Subscription

How do i Subscribe the Rights
The easiest way is to subscribe through the ATM machine

Which ATM can subscribe.
It is better to call CDP to ask 65357511 (to speak to officer press English 1,1,1,0 Chinese 2,1,1,0), "usually" Local bank ATM but we have encounter some RIGHTS is only available on specific ATM. So dont do last minute if you decided to subscribe. Pay asap. For the upcoming OCBC rights, we have tried the POSB/DBS, UOB, OCBC ATM. application is available.

What should you do if you dont have money to Subscribe the rights?
You should sell off the rights BEFORE the end of the Rights Trading Period (Last day trading OCBC rights is 9 September 5:00pm). If you forget to sell or subscribe(never do anything) your entitlement will be rig

How to sell if I have 125 OCBC rights
Use Poems account look for OCBC R 125, R means Rights, 125 is the min lot size quantity.

What happen if i got 128 Ocbc Rights
Use Poems account and sell at OCBC R, this one min is 1 share, so you can key in whatever number you like. But if there is not enough share, you might want to key in 125

What if you have OCBC rights in SRS
You will need to double check you have the Rights in SRS and ask your broker(ME) to sell for you.

If you have more question do feel free to drop us a message!