Thursday, April 9, 2015

In the year of goat, stick to Li Ka-shing’s four stocks

羊年焦點股 吼實誠哥四寶 - 曾淵滄教路



羊年焦點股肯定是李嘉誠旗下的四隻股:長實(001)、和黃(013)、電能(006)、長建(1038),長實、和黃合併的戲仍未演完,好戲還在後頭。 長和、長地正式成立時,資產重估後的資產值會令市場吃驚,資產值會突然大膨脹,過去數十年,每一次李嘉誠賣資產,利潤都很驚人。理由是李嘉誠旗下的資產很 少重估其價值,帳面值很低很低,一旦以市價出售,就會產生巨大的利潤,這次重組,也一定會全面重估旗下業務的資產值,重估所產生的價值也會是很驚人的





香港多隻藍籌股可以看好,內地A股也一樣值得看好,二月二十七日,滬綜指已重上3,300點之上,再升5%就可以破二○○九年的高位3,478點。那是重 要的阻力位,今年一月九日,滬綜指一升破3,400點之後,馬上出現回吐壓力,調整至今。我們得耐心地等待滬綜指突破這個強阻力位,一旦突破,再向上升的 阻力就小了

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                             In the year of goat, stick to  Li Ka-shing’s four stocks

Although the Heng Seng Index still holds some distance from historical highs in 2007, a number of blue-chip stocks have been hitting a new high. It seems, the investment focus of this year should be on blue chip stocks. Those who wanted to capture Shell share and Penny stock would be likely to tend to be foolish.

Over the past year, plenty of blue-chip stocks turned stronger and stronger, and therefore hit new highs again and again. Every price adjustment is a good opportunity to buy in stocks in low price. Therefore, those who hold strong blue-chip stocks should stick to their existing stocks and not change mind now and then. 

Focus of this year is definitely on Li Ka-shing's four shares: CK Hutchison HOLDINGS (001), Hutchison Whampoa(013), Power Assets Holdings(006), Cheung Kong Infra Holdings(1038). CK Hutchison HOLDINGS (001) and Hutchison Whampoa(013)'s merger is still not finished yet, with  expectation of good results to come in future. When the merger is complete and formally launched, the asset value after revaluation will surprise the market as the value of the assets will expand massively.  In the past few decades, every time when Li Ka-shing sell assets, profits are amazing. The reason is that Li Ka-shing's  stocks’ book value is very very low, once it is to be sold according to its market price , it will produce huge profits. The restructuring  this time which will lead to reevaluation of the asset value will certainly generate striking market value.

Aside from the restructuring of  CK Hutchison HOLDINGS (001) and Hutchison Whampoa(013), Daiwa Securities also look forward to Power Assets Holdings(006), Cheung Kong Infra Holdings(1038)’s merger. 

In addition to Li Ka-shing's companies, plenty of blue-chip  stocks released annual results report recently with very good performance. Price highs are attributed to good performances. Moreover,  phenomena of  taking advantage of the good news after the results announcement and then sell stocks followingly for profits which usually leads to price dropping does not happen. AIA (1299) shows  remarkable business profits, Link REITS(823) has no negative  performance of making profit since it was listed so far.

CLP (002) has no unexpected favorable results, but it wins over its stability and continuous growth. More importantly, more and more investors do not believe the US will raise interest rates this year. Therefore collecting dividends strategy become popular. Even those who sold shares of public investors with concerns of rise of interest rate in the past couple  years come back into the market to buy  dividend paying shares.

CSR (1766) and CNR (6199) ‘s merger brings more good vision, involving a number of large state-owned blue-chip stocks, which include oil stocks, telecoms, all are great giant stocks.

A number of Hong Kong blue chips stocks can be more optimistic , as well as China A shares . In February 27, Shanghai Composite Index risen above 3,300 points. It can break highs in 2009 of 3,478 points if it rise up another  5% . That is an important resistance level. In  9th January of this year, after having risen above 3,400 points Shanghai Composite Index appeared stressful and has been in adjustment till now. We have to wait patiently for Shanghai Composite Index to break this strong resistance level, once it breaks, only smaller resistance will be encountered to rise again.