Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to Sell before Big Sell Down - BestWorld, Hi-P, YZJ [Short Selling Idea]

Congrats if you have followed our previous post on BestWorld, since the blogpost the stock has dropped downward by addition 20% to 1.29 closing today.

If you are watching the market this few day, you will notice that the ELECTRONIC sector is weak right now. Venture is usually the leader of the electronic stock as the price and market cap is bigger than all other electronic stock in Singapore. Do watch out for Hi-P as today's price action seems weak, if it break below 1.37 i think we might see more downside (this stock is available on CFD for shorting)

YZJ SGD also downtrending, today seems that it is showing us a "Fail Rebound", retail investors always like to catch rebound after a steep drop, however many times they will get caught when the rebound fail. This is the setup for shortist, you can short sell on the fail rebound. 

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